About this site

I am an open source evangelist at hart, out of the box thinker by birth. I spend my time between different projects related to technology and sustainability, in an enterprise as well as research setting.

I am employed at The Ragn-Sells Group -  a privately held, Nordics based, corporate group involved in waste management, environmental services and recycling.

This site is authored and maintained by me, it´s personal 😎 expect it to have a certain flavor of what I believe is interesting and important. Following that note, here are some core points that govern what you should expect coming here.

* I write to share but also as a way to do proper documentation of projects I work on.

* Open, constructive and fair discussions that add and expand on topics and posts. If you feel that there are something not covered, something missing or something broken, reach out to me on Linkedin.

* Expect no ads, not now, not in the future. I will not bore you with what I feel about sites where advertising makes up bulk of the content.

* I do collect anonymous statistics on how the site is used uting the excellent open source website analytics tool Umami.

My journey with computers started back when 10BASE2 ethernet was still kicking, DHTML was the talk of bleeding edge web dev and no one had yet thought of giving a programming language a last name of .net. From there on I have been hooked, its a rewarding, sometimes challenging, but always fun field to work and play in. Want to talk? Ping me on Mastodon:@mikael@8bitar.io or Linkedin.